Patrick E. Heise, AIA is an architecture & energy consulting firm dedicated to energy 
efficiency, carbon neutral design, & sustainable construction in new buildings as well as major renovations. This is achieved through Net Zero Energy Design, Net Positive Energy Design & the Passive House Standard. A thorough understanding of these methodologies, technology, & materials allows Patrick E. Heise, AIA to implement a high level of creativity, affordability, & sustainability into all his projects. 

Five Principles

Passive Building Consultation 
Patrick E. Heise, AIA, a Certified Passive House Consultant, provides consultation on the Passive House Standard which is the most rigorous building energy standard in the world. This Standard is committed to design excellence and the Passive House energy performance criteria. The results are a building which saves 90% on space heating & cooling costs.
Specific concepts which are addressed in the consultation process include:   1. Climate Specific   2. Super Insulated Building Envelope   3. Thermal Bridge-Free Detailing   4. Air Tight Construction   5. High Performance Windows and Doors   6. Optimal Solar Orientation and Shading   7. Energy Recovery Ventilation   8. Exceptional Indoor Air Quality   9. Minimal Energy Use   10. Reduced Heating/Cooling Demand   11. Efficient Appliances and Lighting   12. Renewable Energy Incorporation

System Climate Factors
Building Science 
Building Science applies physics principles in construction to address heat, air, and moisture flow and how these phenomena impact a building to ensure the longevity of the building. These techniques consider the interactions between the building, its occupants, and the climate in which the building exists. These principles are meaningless if the details are not successfully executed in the field.  Patrick E. Heise, AIA, a Passive House Certified Builder, works with the sub-contractors on every project to ensure that his construction details are implemented and meet the principles of sound building science, thus ensuring a long-lasting, healthy building. 

Larsen Truss

Construction Administration
Patrick E. Heise, AIA oversees all construction to ensure that the proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout the duration of the project. Compliance with the contract documents and specifications is continually verified, and the General Contractor's progress is monitored. A close review of the contractor's sequence of construction and schedule assures the successful and timely completion of the project as well as the achievement of all the expected energy performance goals.